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Welcome Community College Transfer Students! 


The Catholic University of America’s Metropolitan School of Professional Studies (MSPS) recognizes that transfer from a two-year institution to a four-year institution can be a challenging process, but we are committed to helping you make a smooth, successful transition. We are delighted that you are considering MSPS as you continue your studies and welcome you to explore all that we have to offer!


About the Metropolitan School of Professional Studies

The Catholic University of America’s MSPS offers programs to those interested in completing their undergraduate degrees.  Classes are comfortably-sized and interactive and are offered in the evenings and online as well as in accelerated and full-semester formats. Faculty are chosen based on academic excellence and their professional reputations.


MSPS is part of one of the most well known private universities in the Washington, DC area. Transferring from a public college to a private university may not be an obvious choice, but MSPS’s agreements with a number of local community colleges, student-centered approach, knowledgeable staff, and scholarships make it an affordable and exciting next step in your educational journey. Further, MSPS’s flexible transfer credit policy will typically allow many community college graduates, regardless of major, to make the most of their earned credits.




Transfer Credit Evaluation 

For an evaluation of your unique transfer options at MSPS, regardless of whether or not you are transferring from an articulated program, please contact us at 202-319-5256 or



Financial Information and the Community College Transfer Scholarship

At MSPS, tuition is charged per credit and is discounted from the general undergraduate CUA rate. Most students take at least six (6) credits per semester (minimum number to be eligible for financial aid and scholarships). For a full listing of tuition expenses and fees, please visit our Admissions and Financial Aid page.

Students transferring from AACC, CCDC, MC, NVCC, or PGCC,to CUA-MSPS, who have earned an Asscociate's degree, meet academic/admissions requirements, and meet application and registration deadlines as well as financial qualifications, are eligible to apply for the Transfer Scholarship. The Transfer Scholarship is equivalent to 50% of part-time tuition costs (up to 4.5 credits) per semester for the student’s first two semesters of attendance at MSPS. To apply for the Scholarship, please complete the Transfer Scholarship Application [PDF].

In addition to the Community College Transfer Scholarship, students may also qualify for federal or state aid, veterans’ education benefits, and/or other scholarships.

·       To learn more about federal/state financial aid and other available scholarships, please visit the MSPS Financial Assistance Resource Page.


·       To learn more about veterans’ education benefits and the GI Bill, please click here. For general information on our military/veteran programs, please visit our Military Members page. 


Advising and Student Services

MSPS views each and every student as a whole person with a unique background, talents, and needs and, thus, we shape our advising and student development programs with the individual in mind. MSPS offers discipline-based advising, thus, ensuring that each academic advisor is an “expert” in a particular major or program. Further, MSPS realizes that opportunities for enrichment outside of the classroom are critical to a fulfilling academic experience. As such, MSPS offers a number of workshops, seminars, special programs, and a virtual student development resource center aimed at fostering professional, academic, and personal development.


In addition to the MSPS-specific services and enrichment opportunities, The Catholic University of America provides students with vast resources including Career Services, Disability Support Services, Health Services, a Writing Center, a Counseling, Athletic facilities, and much more. To learn more about the student support services available at CUA, please visit Center 


CUA-MSPS Application Information

If you are interested in applying to CUA’s MSPS, please contact MSPS’s Director of Admissions (202-319-5256) or visit the MSPS Admissions and Financial Aid page.


We look forward to the possibility of welcoming you to The Catholic University of America’s Metropolitan School of Professional Studies!



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