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Course Descriptions

Metro: Philosophy (MPH)

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MPH 200: Classical Mind

3.00 Credits

The beginnings and development of philosophical thinking in pre-Socratic, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Plotinus.

MPH 201: Modern Philosophy

3.00 Credits

Covers some of the major philosophers in the Modern Era including Decartes, Leibnitz, Hume, and Kant. Particular attention to the issues of freedom, knowledge, God, and causality.

MPH 250: Professional Ethics

3.00 Credits

Brief presentations of some of some of the main ethical views on ethics from ancient times to the present. These summaries will provide a context to the ethical professional decisions we take in our daily lives. These summaries will provide a context to the ethical professional decisions we take in our daily lives. Comprehensive study of, and application of fundamental ethical values to business actions. discussion of selected economic and business policy issues from an ethical perspective. Review of the "ethical" foundations of both contemporary capitalism and socialism.

MPH 300: Persons and Value

3.00 Credits

A critical examination of the basic concepts and techniques of philosophy as applied to the fundamental qualities of being a person, the nature of the interpersonal values, and a life of well being.

MPH 303: Biomedical Ethics

3.00 Credits

This course develops an ethical framework that can help students/ future caregivers to take responsibility for working with other persons. The general background is derived from the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Therefore, it is important that the students know the documents of the Holy See concerning respect for life and the evolution in the field of bio-ethics. Finally, a model will be discussed that can be used in the ethical reflection of concrete situations. Reading, class discussion and guest speakers will provide background information for the students to consider in shaping their personal convictions.

MPH 311: Contemporary Moral Issues

3.00 Credits

This course is a survey of the major ethical theories in Western philosophy (from Aristotle, Aquinas, Hume, Kant, Mill, Wotija, Hartman, Rawls, and others), presented simultaneously with case studies of contemporary moral issues (abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, racial profiling, free speech, environmental degradation, human right abuses, etc.). The course is meant to expose students to ethical theories in an abstract framework, and then exercise their understanding of these theories in practical and relevant contexts. The class will use canonical texts, but will also draw from elucidating contemporary polemical articles, court cases and judicial rulings, news sources, and social media outlets.

MPH 325: Philosophy of Science

3.00 Credits

Considerations of the major problems affecting the assumptions, methodologies, and conclusions of the natural sciences.

MPH 330: Philsophy of Human Nature

3.00 Credits

An examination of the nature of a human being; body-soul and mind-matter relationships; sense perception, imagination, reasoning, free will, immortality.

MPH 350: Philosophy of Religion

3.00 Credits

Critical evaluation of philosophical problems of religion; nature of religion, religious experience, theistic proofs, religious knowledge, religious language, alternative views of God, problem of evil, relation of religion and value experience.

MPH 420: Contemporary Philosophy

3.00 Credits

Advanced study of modern-day thinkers, such as Croce, Santayana, Bergson, Whitehead, Husserl, Sartre, Peirce, James, Dewey, and others.

MPH 450: Ethics & Human Values

3.00 Credits

Meanings and methods of ethics and analysis of the moral situation. Study of ethical theory, classical and modern. Explores problems of social and personal ethics.

MPH 490: Topics in Philosophy

3.00 Credits

An intensive study of a selected philosophical topic.