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The Busch School Master of Science in Management (M.S.M.)

Program Overview

The Metropolitan School of Professional Studies, in partnership with The Tim and Steph Busch School of Business and Economics, is accepting applications for programs starting Spring 2017. Classes begin on January 9th. To receive detailed information and how to apply, please contact us.

The M.S.M. program focuses on the concepts, principles, and issues experienced by managers in all types of organizations -- commercial, governmental, educational, community, and nonprofit. The program combines a strong academic foundation with practical knowledge and skills in management.

The M.S.M. degree differs significantly from an MBA. Whereas the MBA traditionally emphasizes course work in the theoretical and functional areas of business, such as economics, marketing, accounting, and corporate finance, the M.S.M. focuses specifically on the discipline of management to help students enhance their ability to manage organizational resources more effectively. Because the degree provides a focus on management, it is of potential relevance to anyone who maintains, or is assuming, managerial responsibilities.

For those who earn it, the degree should provide significant marketability. Within the D.C. metropolitan area, management, business, and financial occupations represent 22.5% of employment -- more than double the share for the U.S. economy as a whole.

Management, business, and financial occupations are among those leading the way for job growth in D.C. In fact, many of the fastest growing jobs in D.C. involve areas for which an M.S.M. provides an excellent academic background.


The M.S.M. program consists of a total of 12 courses, or 36 semester credits. Participants typically take two courses per term, with each course meeting one evening per week, from 6:10 - 8:40 p.m. (or 5:40 - 9:40 p.m. in the shorter summer sessions). Students must earn at least a 'B' (3.0) grade point average -- both overall and on final projects completed as part of the capstone course, "Master's Capstone: Research, Synthesis, Applications." 


Tuition for the M.S.M Program is $1035 per credit hour. For details on tuition and fees please go to our Tuition page. For information on how to finance your education, please see our Financial Aid Resources page. 

Admissions Requirements can be found here

Track Options

Five tracks are offered to allow students to customize the program to their particular interests, needs, and career goals. Please click on the links below for more information on individual programs.

Leadership and Management 

Project Management            

Sales Management 

Federal Contract Management 

Human Resource Management 


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