The Catholic University of America

 Paralegal Studies Certificate (PSC)

The PSC program would offer the following courses.  Course offerings will be subject to change based upon the recommendations of the program’s advisory committee and faculty, and some students may be required to take some general education requirements to fulfill the requirements set by ABA and NFPA.  

  1. MHU 131 Presiding, Presenting, and Speaking
  2. MHU 151 Rhetoric and Composition
  3. MID 150 College Mathematics
  4. MID XXX Natural Science Elective
  5. MIS 105 Microcomputer Applications I
  6. MPH XXX Philosophy Elective
  7. MRE XXX Religious Studies Elective
  8. MSO 200 Human Cultural Diversity
  •     LEGAL SPECIALTY REQUIREMENT (39 credit hours)
    1.      Law Core Courses (Students take all 9 courses):

a.       MLA 101: Introduction to Paralegal Studies

b.      MLA 110: Professional Responsibility and Legal Ethics

c.       MLA 201: Legal Research and Writing

d.      MLA 211: Civil Procedure

e.       MLA 216: Corporations

f.       MLA 230: Criminal Law and Procedure

g.      MLA 312: Torts

h.      MLA 340: Contract Law

i.        MLA 494: Paralegal Internship

    2.      General Practice Track Electives (students choose 4 of 6 courses):

a.       MLA 252: Administrative Law

b.      MLA 253: Constitutional Law

c.       MLA 254: Family Law

d.      MLA 255: Employment Law

e.       MLA 256: Intellectual Property

f.       MLA 360: Computer Applications in Law

3.      Litigation Practice Electives (students choose 4 of 6 courses):

a.       MLA 271: Evidence

b.      MLA 273: Civil Procedure II

c.       MLA 274: eDiscovery

d.      MLA 275: Trial Practice

e.       MLA 360: Computer Applications in Law

f.       MLA 400: Advanced Legal Research