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Student profile

An occasional series of profiles of the outstanding students in the Metropolitan School of Professional.Studies

Name: James Dodd Jr.
Degree program: Bachelor of Arts in Management
Business Management


1.        What are you studying at Metro, and why?

I’ve been working toward a B.A. in Management at Metro since 2012. A bachelor’s degree will enhance the managerial experience I’ve gained throughout my career and open new doors for advancement. My focus has changed some since I began attending CUA and I plan to pursue a Master’s degree in creative writing/journalism after my undergraduate graduation.

2.        Why did you pick Metro as your place to study?

Initially I was impressed with the convenience of Metro’s evening class hours, online courses, as well as the (once) simple Metrorail commute from my office downtown. I also considered the reputation and prestige a CUA degree carries in the marketplace. But honestly, other schools in the DC area offered similar features to adult learners. I selected Catholic University over other programs thanks to the admissions team and counselors like Joe McDonald who took a genuine interest in my academic, professional, and personal development from the start. After more than twenty-five years away from a university environment they helped to restore my confidence that I could attend college and succeed.

3.        How will your education at Metro help you after you graduate?

The practical applications I’ve learned while attending Metro have already strengthened my work performance. And I now plan to continue my education toward a graduate degree; an option I hadn’t considered until I arrived at CUA. Not only have I developed academically and professionally, I’ve grown spiritually as well. The required religion courses and Campus Ministry helped guide me to evaluate my faith and make a spiritual commitment. At an age when I was almost ready to focus on fishing and my golf game, the Metro experience reinvigorated my life’s path.


Photo credit: Emma Azurin